Sample Itinerary of the "Better Than I Used To Be" Experience Day

Meet your GLI Team

Meet your GLI Team

Sample Schedule of a 1 Day programme

Guest Arrivals

Time: 6:45 - 7:30

Location: Lahiru Villa Entrance, MCC Centre of Excellence

  • The Founder of the Good Life Institute, Foundation of Goodness - Kushil Gunasekera, will meet you upon arrival at the Lahiru Villa. 

  • You will be greeted with a cold towel and a warm welcome drink.

  • Kushil will do an initial briefing and remind guests of the schedule of the day. Throughout the day, your main points of contact for any questions will be Paola or Chamila. 

  • You will be allocated rooms in the Lahiru Villa in order for you to use washroom facilities and also to keep your valuables and personal belongings safe. Please note that the Lahiru Villa has only a limited number of rooms, therefore you will have to share these facilities with other guests. 


Morning Beach Walk with a Meditation Session 

Time: 7:45 - 8:45

Location: Hikkaduwa Beach by Hikka Tranz

  • Sea Therapy is one of the key elements of the Better Than I Used To Be programme. Kushil Gunasekera will introduce you to the many varied benefits of sea water and share his experience.  

  • We would like for you to visit the beach as it always leaves one feeling alive and cleansed – physically, emotionally and spiritually. The combination of sun, sea and sand is the most natural and easily accessible form of therapy available to mankind.

  • The ocean provides perspective in a way that nothing else in nature therapy can. It is constantly changing and shifting right before your eyes, which is engaging from both a physical and psychological perspective. It forces us to learn to quickly adapt and take in new information as the environment changes before us.

  • Led by Kushil, we will take a short walk along the beach, find a quiet place to sit down on the beach and have a meditation session. 

  • We recommend you to take a quick dip into the sea with Kushil. However this is totally optional and for those who would like to experience this,  you will be given 10 - 15 minutes at the end to immerse yourself into the sea water. 


Time: 8:45 - 10:00

Location: Lahiru Villa. MCC Centre of Excellence

  • Upon your return to the Villa, you will be served a healthy traditional Sri Lankan breakfast.

  • Kushil will join you for breakfast and provide you with some useful insights about Sri Lankan superfoods and Mindful eating.

Fresh Coconut and Lunu Miris Bowl

 Spicy Chili Sambol

Local beans, Sweet potatos, and Chickpeas


Fruit Juice

Fruit platter 

Tour of the Foundation of Goodness Empowerment Divisions

Time:  10:00 – 10:45

Location: MCC Centre of Excellence

  • You will be given a full tour of the MCC Centre of Excellence and taken around to see all of its empowerment divisions. 

  • During the tour, you will be able to witness the vast activities at the Foundation.  You will also witness how Tsunami funding has been put to great use in creating a holistic, one-of-a-kind development model village which rose out of devastation to be so successful today. 

Plates of Goodness Cooking Session and Lunch

Time:  10:45 – 14:00

Location: MCC Centre of Excellence

  • You’ll take part in a fun culinary session! You can man the cooking station and learn to cook traditional village rice & curry with Chef Rangi and Chef Chammi. You have the option to get assistance in preparing dishes if you would like to do so, or you can sit back and enjoy the lessons.

  • At the end of the session, you'll enjoy prepared lunch in a relaxed outdoor setting. A recipe leaflet will be provided, to try it out back home with your loved ones.

  • Please see sample menu below:

Rice with Vegetable Curries


Variety of fresh vegetable curries served with rice

Dhal Curry, Pineapple Curr, Okra tempered, Battered Mushrooms with Curry Leaves, Coconut Sambal, Green Gram Curry, Pappadam


Kiri Pani (Yoghurt and Treacle)

Volunteering Activity

Time:  14:15 – 15:30

Location: MCC Centre of Excellence

  • Volunteering is one of the most important elements of the Better Than I Used To Be programme. 

  • We thank you in advance for signing up to an activity of your choice. 

  • Upon your return from the Udumulla Village Walk & Lunch, you will be met by the volunteering coordinators at the MCC Centre of Excellence.

  • The following activities will take place; Beach cleaning (gloves, rakes, rubbish bags will be arranged by the volunteering coordinator), Arts and craft activity with the Children's Goodness Club, Stamping Medical Pouches, Ice cream making session and an IT session.

Mind Make up and Cleansing Session

Time:  15:45 – 18:30

Location: Sports Centre

  • This session will be the equivalent of an inner version of a beauty make up. Led by Kushil, you will learn about the difference of external appearance as opposed to inner peace development, and which one ultimately paves the way for ultimate happiness.

  • If you do not rule the mind, the mind will rule you.

  • After this session is over, the programme will end. 

Good Life Institute, Foundation of Goodness

Temple Road, Seenigama, Sri Lanka

Telephone (General) +94 11 2586344 - 5

Pre-Arrival Checklist

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