• Kushil Gunasekera

What is the secret to leading a life of contentment and happiness? #GoodLifeInstitute #SL

Leading a life of contentment and happiness is the real success incomparable to the rest.

It’s not about wealth, prestige, power or position rather goodness, kindness, humility, service and character.

The day we are born is the day the death sentence is imposed but we never know how and when, hence the need to live each day like no other day, doing all the good you can.

When we study good values which all of us have in abundance unexplored, that path paves the way towards success and happiness, the ideal recipe.

We often follow dreams of being rich but not living rich and that, without nice qualities, available at no cost, if neglected, the life of happiness eludes us!

Below are some of them for your humane doctorate, if we really want to live a joyful life, simply education alone cannot provide.

Integrity, gratitude, goodness, kindness, forgiveness, humility, generosity, patience, non-anger, discipline, morality, non harm, respect, helpful, nice attitude, positivity and the ability to let go.

May these superior characteristics once mastered, give you peace of mind and inner bliss that no other success alone, can materialise.

Kushil Gunasekera

Founder- Good Life Institute

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