• Kushil Gunasekera

Understanding life the way it is over anything else, is absolutely the key

The true nature of ever changing life, if we don’t comprehend, will make you journey tougher, disappointing and miserable.

On the contrary if you realise that all things are subject to change yet we can sustain our values, then we can lead a balance life tilting towards a happier life.

The day we are born is the day we are sentenced to death but we never know how and when, hence living everyday like your last day makes us better humans of superior quality with humility and gratitude.

Ageing, sickness and death are inevitable and when we make up our mind, such is the way it works, then we are at peace with ourselves rather than trying to force nature which makes us unduly worry that leads to unhappiness.

We don’t realise that external cleansing is only for the outer beauty but without cleansing ones inner beauty deeply, especially by meditative reflection, to eliminate greed, hatred, jealousy, envy and delusion our journey of life, cannot go from light to light glowingly.

Whatever we like or get attached to will always change, so it is wiser to be aware than repent later.

Everything in life has an expiry period, no matter whether it’s good or bad times, whatever we like or dislike, take it as it comes, not be elated nor perturbed.

I picked up a story recently and thought that was one of the best I had seen on social media, where an extremely poor man lived on the street freezing, resisting the cold somehow with a developed mind.

Then a very rich man came along and promised to bring him warm clothing but when he went home, he forgot to deliver the promise.

Next day when he remembered, it was too late as he had died with a note left, for the rich man.

It stated that all this while, his mind power resisted the cold and when he got attached to the offer of the rich man to provide warm clothing, the mind released itself of that status and he succumbed.

He went on to make another statement, never to promise what one cannot deliver!

Kushil Gunasekara,

Good Life institute,

Foundation of Goodness

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