• Kushil Gunasekera

Those who extend loving kindness to others are loved kindly by others #GoodLifeExperience

November 13th marked World Kindness Day and have we ever pondered to do something nice, not necessarily when reminded but in our daily actions.

Doing a good, kind and caring deed for your family, friends, outsiders and even animals by word, deed or thought brings happiness, one can rejoice in advancing years.

Imagine even a smile to brighten a day of someone who just needs that spark, can bring you such joy in changing not only their outlook rather your own mood too.

365 good but simple acts of kindness daily for a year, makes your life that much more rewarding and enriching as each year passes by.

Kindness will never be out of fashion and always beautiful.

A kind attitude is hard to beat and attracts blessings in abundance as I know best with my own life.

Kind people give freely with no conditions and expectations, to be at peace.

Those who extend loving kindness to others are loved kindly by others.

When one is blessed with kindness, it helps you to achieve non anger, thus avoiding conflicts, to lead a peaceful life with your mind at ease.

Be kind everyday,  in doing good.

Kushil Gunasekera Good Life institute, Foundation of Goodness

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