• Kushil Gunasekera

September - Ocean Therapy

Ocean Therapy is one of the key elements of the Better Than I Used To Be programme!

This September, join us as we explore the unique perspective the Ocean offers, that nothing else in nature therapy can.

The Ocean provides perspective in a way that nothing else in nature therapy can. It is constantly changing and shifting right before your eyes, which is engaging from both a physical and psychological perspective. It forces us to learn to quickly adapt and take in new information as the environment changes before us.

Sea water is said to boost confidence, promote independent thinking, neutralise emotional trauma, brighten the spirit and fortify the nerves. It contains salts that replenish the circuitry of the brain with an influx of negative ions. It also contains lithium, an element said to be a mood stabiliser. If you find yourself in a dark mood, go to the beach, behold the waves and let the negatively charged ions spraying into the air wash away your bad (positively charged) mood!

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