• Kushil Gunasekera

Real success is the path that leads to inner happiness...#GoodLifeExperience #SriLanka

Real success is the path that leads to inner happiness, we all aspire to achieve at the very end.

Intelligence is one thing but wisdom is another. Those who have wisdom inherit two qualities, fear and shame hence they act in accordance towards a joyful path of superior bliss that we experience especially when life is at its end!

We need to constantly reflect on our daily actions in solitude, to understand how to become better than we used to be by eliminating those areas that we can't be pleased with and doing more of what made us feel good and those around us.

Its like how the mirror plays such a pivotal role in our life as we make adjustments on our appearance with its help, similarly we have to look deeper into our mind colored by defilement daily which we need to fine tune just the same way we cannot do without the mirror.

Our good qualities enable us to rejoice in life, taking us gradually to build this elusive inner peace not forgetting the mind make up which is actually the solution towards enhancing this process.

Finally, wishing all beings loving kindness at every given opportunity in our daily course of activity, helps us in our journey to be loved kindly by others.

Kushil Gunasekera

Founder - Good Life Institute

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