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Giving even if we have little to share is a superior act that’s most noble #GoodLifeInstitute #SL

Generosity is one of the foremost qualities of our journey which helps us to become happier, understanding to sacrifice or still better, learning to let go, teaching us how to, get rid of greed that leads to unhappiness.

Giving even if we have little to share is a superior act that’s most noble.

Gifting unasked is a quality that only a rare few, can initiate based on compassion and kindness.

It’s a well known fact that no one can take with you, the treasures one has, when we die but yet such little focus is given to this aspect, while so many are in need.

These acts of caring and sharing bring great joy to the giver in rejoicing, as we advance in years, to reflect on our wholesome action of blessings in helping others.

It’s not only money we have to part with but have so many items in good condition that we don’t use, so helpful to others which we don’t even entertain the thought, piling up in our houses.

Generosity creates so much goodwill,  happiness, humility and receives blessings in abundance which the universe stores and gives it back at the most unexpected times, even if you grant it unconditionally.

I have realised the more you give, the more will be yours to gift.

Teach our kids to donate and have seen some of them do wonders, making progress with such inner joy and peace, radiating in style.

There are many other ways to give, such as your time, expertise, smiling with others, a kind word, sharing or sacrificing even your meal for someone truly hungry or even praising other people’s good deeds.

We find it difficult to part with what we have, in regard to our possessions but also with rejoicing in other people’s success too, hence gradually one must cultivate generosity in appreciating the wholesomeness of others.

Giving is good and give it that way but without clinging to the gift, as once given, learn to let go not only from your hand but from your heart and mind too.

When one has too much, the fear of losing it, is worrying and miserable as opposed to having little that leads to contentment.

Gifting is hugely meritorious and I know the, extremely rare kind, gave when they didn’t have, for others to overcome burning issues which truly must be divinity, hard to describe.

“A beautiful heart lights up your life, like nothing else and kindness multiplies like no other”

Kushil Gunasekera,

Founder-Good life institute

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