• Kushil Gunasekera

Better Than I Used To Be 2020

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

Year after year we arrive at a new year on the first of January. However, do we truly make an honest assessment of ourselves, to be better than we used to be? Not only for our own good, but that very resolve will also impact on others around us, creating fruitful results to be more productive and happier than before.

In life we may or may not reach eighty years or in months 960. That said do we ever pause to reflect how many months or years we have consumed? What is left to enrich ourselves, towards striving for improvement of our journey of life? This is also the best example you set up for children to follow suit.

When we attend school, if we don’t do well we cannot get to the next level and are tested by exams to see the progress we make annually. Likewise if we give ourselves a review each year at the beginning, then we know how good we have become!

It is all about doing what we did well to do better and eliminate what we didn’t do so well. We should continuously adjust ourselves to raise the bar, the same way we make adjustments daily looking at the mirror for external makeup. This is to ensure we look good but that is mainly for the benefit of others who see us.

How many of us, look at our inner beauty to demonstrate better qualities trying to bridge the gap being born as human and ending up as being humane? This to me is the best degree we can learn that anyone possibly can. At the end no matter what, this should be the outcome of life since we will exit this world at some stage and so should we rejoice at the time happily.

We must leave the world better than when we arrived and that can only be accomplished by constantly embracing change, yet upholding our good values steadfastly for our journey of life. This way it could be better than it ever was reaching your final destination happier, content, but more importantly with a mind at peace.

Don’t forget to add in your daily checklist the mind makeup activity which needs cleansing as we do externally every day.

The fruit of goodness accumulated is contentment.

Kushil Gunasekara,

Good Life institute,

Foundation of Goodness

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